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  425,000 (2013)
  316 sq km (2016)
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... Malta is a nation consisting of a small group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and north of Libya. There are many islands that create the Malta archipelago but the three larger main islands (Malta, Gozo, and Comino) are the only ones inhabited. Malta has many strong cultural influences from a diversity of countries succesion of powers in its past, most recently the United Kingdom which it gained independence from in 1964. Malta is rich in history and hosts some of the world's oldest man-made structures in the world dating back to almost 10,000 BC. Malta is one of the southernmost European nations and also amongst the warmest destinations in Europe year round making it a popular tourist destination known for its beaches and cruise ship ports.

... Marsaxlokk (Ix-Xatt) is a hitorical fishing village and is among one of the many popular tourist towns in Malta known for its markets, beaches, and history.